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The Official Fan Community for Dean/Benny
Welcome aboard the U.S.S Denny - the official fan community for those who love Dean/Benny. This is the place for you to post fan art, fan videos, fan fiction and news/speculation about Denny. Pretty much any Dean/Benny love will be accepted.

Community Rules:

  • No flaming/bashing/hating of any kind allowed in this comm.

  • No trolling.

  • Please properly warn for spoilers. The same spoiler policy from supernaturalfic applies here. Meaning, things are considered a spoiler until a week after the episode has aired. These things you must warn for. Warnings for anything else and for earlier episodes/season we leave for you to decide.

  • Please warn for and put explicit content under the cut. This applies especially for art. If you are linking to/posting explicit content, please make sure that you warn for it. If something is not safe for work, a simple NSFW anywhere visible to all will help avoid awkward/unwanted situations. Your warning MUST be visible to all without having to click on the cut or link.

  • Please put all spoilers under the cut. This means that your header should not contain any spoilers. (Because of the nature of this comm, Benny is not considered a spoiler. Just to clear things up).

  • Please put all fic/art under the cut. Headers are the only things that should be above an LJ cut.

How to format fic and art headers:

*Note: You do not have to ship Dean/Benny as a sexual relationship to be part of this community. Those of you who see Denny as more bromance than romance are most definitely welcome! The only guideline in contributing to the U.S.S. Benny is this: all content posted to this community must celebrate/focus on the unique friendship between Dean Winchester and Benny.

If there are any questions or you'd like to affiliate, please feel free to PM any of the mods.