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Fic: Born of Mortal Flesh / Art: The Raven Path
Benny BOMF
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Art Title: The Raven Path
Artist: kat_lair

Fic Title: Born of Mortal Flesh
Author: anactoria
Pairing(s): Dean/Benny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 27,745
Warnings: None
Summary: Canon-divergent AU, (very) loosely inspired by the Ballad of Tam Lin. While on a hunt with John, Dean discovers a mysterious mirror in a witch's attic, and finds himself transported to the world of Faerie. On the other side, he meets somebody who's been stuck there much longer than him. Somebody who makes him reconsider everything he's been taught about trusting monsters, and a few things about himself that he’s been denying. But Benny's a favourite pet of the King of Fairyland, and their budding relationship seems doomed. Years later, Dean finds himself back on the other side of the mirror—and a second chance to save Benny may just be a chance to save the world.

Art | Fic

Fic: The Gift
Title: The Gift
Characters/pairing: Dean/Benny, Dean/Amara
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2500
Warnings/contains: None, assuming you've seen the end of S11.
Summary: Canon-divergent at the end of 11x23. Being imprisoned is lonely, and Amara spends more than a little time wandering through Dean's memories. Among them, she finds somebody who surprises her.

Read on: LJ | AO3

Ficlet: Almost Golden
Title: Almost Golden
Author: anactoria
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/contains: Angsty sex, rimming
Word count: 1500
Summary: It's days like this make Benny wish he'd been a painter.

Read on: LJ | AO3

Fic: I Can Tell You How It Ends
Title: I Can Tell You How It Ends
Author: anactoria
Artist: hisroyalhellishness
Characters/pairing: Dean/Benny, Sam, Cas, Andrea, OCs.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Period-typical racism.
Word count: 64,000
Summary: Sent back in time to 1959 to retrieve a magical key, Dean runs into a pre-Andrea Benny, and narrowly avoids killing him. Now he’s stuck playing nurse to an injured vampire and trying to unfuck a timeline he shouldn’t even be in yet. How much more complicated could things get?

Read it: here on AO3.

Burning the Midnight Oil (Destiny smut)
{ MG } Weapon - Life + Art
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Fic: Won't Let Go
Supernatural Benny/Dean b&w
Title: Won't Let Go
Pairing/Characters: Dean Winchester/Benny Lafitte, Sam Winchester
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,189
Warnings: none
Summary: Set after the season 8 episode Taxi Driver. Dean can't let Benny stay in Purgatory. He's going to bring him back. One way or the other.
A/N: this was written for wine_into_water for spn_j2_xmas


End of the Line: 6
Part 6 of series 'End of the Line' written in response to requests on AO3 for 'what happens next?' This is the penultimate chapter and won't make much sense without having read the whole series as it's a tight storyline.

Sam’s eyes open on the darkness of the motel room. From the other bed he hears Dean’s soft, regular breathing. Something woke him, some noise, maybe a car outside or an animal in the trash cans behind the parking lot.
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Gods and Monsters
a- Dean looking down
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An Itch You Can’t Scratch, NC-17, Dean/Benny, Sam/Dean
Purgatory 3-D Dean
Title: An Itch You Can’t Scratch
Author: meus_venator
Beta: fufaraw and sylsdarkplace
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Dean/Benny, background Dean/Sam
Warnings/spoilers: wincest flashbacks, spanking, makeup sex, mild bondage
Summary: Sometimes even the ‘purity’ of Purgatory isn't enough

So I saw this an amazingly hot image (blame big_heart_june and her tireless dedication and sacrifice to the fandom for exposing me to this), and I immediately thought of a Dean/Benny prompt. It was like an brainworm that wouldn't leave me alone, it came out a bit fluffier than I'd first intended. I hope you like.

Dean could feel it, the tension rising in him like a live thing, pulling his muscles tight; an unrelieved itch, soul deep, spreading over his skin like a burn. He’d tried everything, tried throwing himself into one fray after another until Benny had started to look at him a little sideways, suspicion growing behind that sapphire gaze.


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